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i've had a knack from way back
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11th-Apr-2009 04:55 pm - five things [CAPE & COWL]
Wink ♣ I'm innocent okay.
I. Her hand had warmed the wrench's metal, and it felt good in her hand; solid, very there, permanent. Always doing exactly what it was supposed to. It was pretty much the opposite of her; she was flippant, hyper, a kind of all-over-the-place person. She wasn't good at staying in one area, at doing one thing for too long. Not like this wrench. It was just perfect the way it was. But then, she'd always felt that way, too.

II. She hadn't exactly understood the concept of pizza until that fateful day with Santo. She had taken one look at the creation of dough and sauce and cheese and immediately known the food for all its glory. It might have been considered an addiction now, with how often she convinced herself to go out for dinner or lunch. But it was just too good, too wonderful to stay away from. Kind of like sugar.

III. The streets at night reminded her of Home; there was always someone around, always something going on. Maybe it wasn't always very good, but it was still there. The heart of the City beat, maybe not perfectly, maybe not purely, but it did. Just like Home. Even the darkness and the sound of her feet hitting pavement was the same. This wasn't even close to replacing their place on Bikanel, though; that would always be her island, her desert, her special place where she could go and just watch the sunset until it was too cold to stay outside.

IV. There weren't many things that could hold her attention for longer than a little while, unless it was some kind of machina. And, in a sense, video games were machina. They were just very interactive. And addicting. It was Santo's fault, she knew that; but she couldn't bring herself to be mad that he'd introduced her to the games because, frankly, she could hardly keep her eyes off the screen and hands off the controller long enough to do much but give him a look that said, "One day, you're going to regret this."

V. Tanning wasn't something she had to do; most Al Bhed were naturally tan. But every now and then, it was nice to just get a blanket, toss on a bathing suit, and lay on the ground in the park. Yeah, she had a boyfriend, and yeah, she knew that maybe one day he'd get jealous. But there had always been something gratifying, something that made her feel just a little smug, when she saw other boys looking. It was always kind of a downer when Santo showed up and scared them away, but well, that was what a girl got with such a great boyfriend.
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